Does Typography Really Matter?

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Most of us don’t really put much weight on typography because we don’t use it other than typing up a letter or such right? But for Graphic Designers typography has a vital role to play in social evolution which informs design trends and delivers messages to readers.

Proof of this can be seen in primitive man communicating through cave drawings: as social animals, the human race has been writing to communicate since before we can even imagine. Where primitive man may not have understood the importance of typography, they did understand the importance of communication and preservation of their history (their legacy).


Another particularly strong example: in times of war, strong, bold fonts, clever copy and graphic imagery drew in young men to enlist in the army. With the men away at war the same concept was adapted to replenish the workforce, appealing to the women left behind to fill their shoes. These messages were some of the strongest throughout history and would not have been successful without cleverly designed and positioned typography to convey their messages. Can you imagine the outcry “Soldiers eat babies” would create today?

Good ty­pog­ra­phy can help your reader de­vote less at­ten­tion to the me­chan­ics of read­ing and more at­ten­tion to your mes­sage. Con­versely, bad ty­pog­ra­phy can dis­tract your reader and un­der­mine your message.
Why does typography matter?

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Typefaces are used in almost every form of design today. Typography informs how we feel about the design with typefaces taking on personalities of their own and can measurably affect the way we react to a design informing tone of voice, gender, age, or emotion.

With new typefaces being created every day, there are now an insurmountable number of typefaces available to the Graphic Designer. Typographic evolution has really informed our social evolution and will always matter.

Here’s a fun design infographic by the talented people at






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