King Cassilis Mine

Adobe Photoshop, Freelance Designer, graphic design, photography

In the picturesque country town of Tongio in Victoria, nestled beneath rolling green hills and surrounded by overgrowth; memoirs of a once prosperous mining town can still be found. This footprint into the history of this remarkable town captivates through machinery and even homes left abandoned in the thick of the scrub.

It feels like a secret piece of history hidden from plain sight but sadly looted over the years. If you explore further, the chiseled out rock seems fluorescent and colorful in the sunlight; mining taking a toll on the surrounding landscape. I was overwhelmed to find a small dwelling untouched, a bed with mattress still in tact and a fridge still remaining in the corner of the room.

This captivating ghost town now surrounded by bush land is disappearing slowly as corrosion and rust sets in, the bush grows over and as looters revel in the items of worth.
Once a bustling mining town now abandoned and decaying, I was privileged to capture its beauty before it becomes an ancient memory of a time long ago.






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