What makes us creative?

Freelance Designer, graphic design, illustration, online graphic designer, What makes me and you creative?

In this post I’ll analyse myself and my creative traits. What makes me creative?
You might relate to some of these traits and hopefully cultivate your creativity more day to day if you are not already.

As discussed in previous blog posts, research now shows that you may have an average IQ test score but intelligence and creativity are not related to one another. So even the lowest scoring of us could be creative genius’s, wielding amazing creative powers!

“Everybody has tremendous creative capacities,” said Sir Ken Robinson, the bestselling author of Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative, among other titles.The Author explores the value of creativity, the ways that we stifle our true talents, and the need for a better approach to creativity in education and business.

Success is synonymous with creativity

Lisa designing because she loves it!

Lisa designing because she loves it!

Creative thinking has shaped the world as we know it; technology, sciences and everything in between…

Innovators like Alexander Graham Bell were not afraid of criticism and rejection as they are now seen as the greatest innovative minds in our history. Alexander himself was a Scottish-born American scientist best known as the inventor of the telephone, an idea that no one wanted originally and that he later became famous for.

For the most part, creativity is a learned behaviour. It’s the manner in which you act, react and approach situations. Your ability to conceptualise and think differently, question things, experiment and take a chances is what makes me unique but also makes it hard for me to fit in with other people; always looking inward.

Creativity is also its what you do: your skill set/technique. I was lucky enough to be born with most of my creativity, the rest developed over the last 30 years of my life. For as long as I can remember I have always been able to draw/sketch and conceptualise; always writing poems and stories, drawing, painting and colouring.

Some of us are born with some creativity where others may need to work a little harder. It’s like anything in life: practice makes perfect. If you keep trying to come up with innovative ideas and hone your creative skills, you can only improve the more you practice. Can you imagine the world without the light bulb? Thomas Edison’s most famous invention paved the way for modern life across the globe and shaped innovative thinking the world over.


Lisa sketching because it’s fun!

Now, some of your ideas will probably be hair-brained ideas that are a huge flop, but that’s okay because at least your trying new things, keeping your brain active and increasing your creativity. Who knows, maybe one day you will invent something that will leave a mark on the world and write you into the history books!





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