Why Personality Profiling trumps IQ Testing

I’m going to bust a myth I’ve been labeled with my whole life ‘that artsy types aren’t IQ smart’.

Always feeling like an outsider as I’ve always been somewhat introverted, I loved the arts growing up; from drawing, painting and illustration to graphic design. I completed all art subjects in VCE, my strongest subjects being art, graphics and English. Art School was the natural next step for me, collaborating with other young creatives… I had a ball.

Now, I’ve taken traditional IQ tests in the past and my scores always been boringly average, however I’ve always been an A+ student and perfectionistic. As an artsy type myself… this is a myth I’ve been dying to bust since high school!

My group of friends at school were for the majority science and math methods kids who believed that being good at science and math made you smart. They believed that the artsy kids (like me) were less intelligent and made me feel less intellectual at every opportunity.

How does traditional IQ testing measure creativity, imagination and emotional intelligence? Short answer…It doesn’t.

‘Creativity is part of most theories of intelligence – sometimes a small part and sometimes a large part. Yet even IQ tests that assess aspects of intelligence that supposedly reflect creative abilities do not actually measure creativity. ‘ (Source: J.Intell. 2015. Why creativity isn’t in IQ tests. http://www.mdpi.com/2079-3200/3/3/59/pdf)

Over the years I’ve done my research and realised that traditional IQ testing does not measure intelligence or define your worth as a human being. IQ testing is a mechanism to squeeze you into the same box as everyone else (categorising people by their level of traditional intelligence). .

How does IQ testing migrate into the 21st Century? Personally I am of the belief that personality profiling is much more productive and so much more fun!

Recently my cousin sent me a link to a personality test that took about 10 minutes to complete and was right on the money as far as my personality. It was a very interesting read; giving you an extremely in depth profile.

I myself am an INTF-T, broadly defined as a creative person who is sensitive and finds purpose in helping others. I am a rare personality type with only 1% of the population sharing this personality type. I suppose this is why I have always felt like an outsider, always more comfortable standing out than fitting in.

Notable INTF-T’s include: Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King (which makes me think I have not lived up to my potential haha).

If your interested, take the free personality profile here: https://www.16personalities.com


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